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3rd imSAVAR Stakeholder Workshop

The third and last of the series of planned imSAVAR Stakeholder Workshops took place over two half days on 12 and 13 April 2021 as an online event. Up to 72 attendees participated in this Workshop including 5 external invitees. The vision of imSAVAR and the impact the consortium anticipates, were further elucidated. imSAVAR aims to better understand toxicities of immunomodulatory therapies for immune-oncology and immune-inflammatory diseases which are insufficiently understood due to the complexity of the immune system along with inadequate existing non-clinical models.

Detailed work on interleukin 2 (IL-2) mediated immune-related adverse outcome pathways (irAOPs)—for skin rash, lung toxicity, vascular leak syndrome (VLS) and hepatoxicity—was presented and followed by feedback on additional avenues to investigate. State of the art assays and model systems used by industry and academia with regulatory acceptance were presented to showcase how these can be incorporated in the AOP framework. Multistakeholder feedback on the value of a grading concept was elaborated. Multistakeholder perspectives indicated broad support for the imSAVAR thematic concepts and helped devise the role of a stakeholder community—in essence a blueprint to maximise the impact of imSAVAR was devised. A full report can be accessed here.