Immune Safety Avatar

Nonclinical mimicking of the immune system effects of immunomodulatory therapies

The imSAVAR Vision

The vision of Immune Safety Avatar (imSAVAR) is to develop a platform for integrated nonclinical assessments of immunomodulatory therapy safety and efficacy.

The imSAVAR is an Innovative Medicines Initiative funded project that aims to develop a standard for integrated nonclinical safety overviews for immune-modulatory investigational new drugs (IND) and clinical trial applications (CTA).

Our imSAVAR platform will improve the prediction of the transferability of safety and efficacy of immunomodulators from pre-clinical models to first-in-human studies in collaboration with the private sector, pharma, regulators and technology providers. This joint effort not only benefits the field of immune safety evaluation, but will also generate various opportunities for European businesses as well as foster the meaningful engagement of multiple stakeholders including patients and regulators.

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Ulrike Köhl - imSAVAR Coordinator

“If we really want to move forward with these modern immunomodulatory therapies we need much more research on predictive markers and predictive models. With the imSAVAR project we aim to tackle the challenge of a better understanding of the complexity of the human immune system.​”

Ulrike Köhl / Coordinator

Jonathan Moggs - imSAVAR Coordinator

“The imSAVAR team plans to characterise a range of innovative human-relevant models and biomarkers to enhance translational safety assessment of immunomodulatory therapeutics and ultimately lead to the development of safer efficacious medicines for patients.​”

Jonathan Moggs / Coordinator

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Latest News

imSAVAR Kick-off Meeting

imSAVAR Kick-off Meeting

The imSAVAR project was officially kicked-off on 2 December 2019. The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator Fraunhofer IZI in Leipzig, Germany. Almost all academic and EFPIA partners

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