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The imSAVAR project aims to deliver a range of tools that will enhance our ability to assess the efficacy and safety of immunomodulatory therapies with regards to immune oncology and immune inflammatory diseases.

We utilize immune-related adverse outcome pathways (irAOPs) as a key framework to organize and consolidate existing knowledge. These irAOPs serve as the foundation for identifying pertinent research inquiries and guiding subsequent experimental investigations. The resulting novel insights are then integrated into the evolving irAOP-knowledge network Such additions and adjustments provide valuable orientation for further model refinement and optimization. Additionally, we are actively involved in developing novel biological markers that can aid in the diagnosis, mitigation, and prediction of immune-mediated safety concerns.

Read more about the initial challenge, our approach and objectives, as well as the intended impact below.



A significant challenge facing the development of new therapies is and remains their preclinical evaluation in terms of efficacy and safety. The greatest problem here is the complexity of the human immune system.

Approach and Objectives

The overall aim of imSAVAR is to improve the ability to predict adverse immune-related toxicities and establish a standard approach to immune safety assessment.


The idea of the imSAVAR consortium is that this initial project will evolve into a community and an ecosystem around the topic of immune safety assessment.

Work Package Structure

imSAVAR is built around 5 different work packages focusing on specific aspects of our work.