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The imSAVAR consortium envisions the transformation of its initial work into a thriving community and an ecosystem centered around the subject of immune safety assessment, thereby leaving a lasting impact on the field. Through the ongoing collaborative and coordinated efforts of the imSAVAR partners in evaluating clinically relevant modes of action (MoAs), valuable insights will be gained regarding both common and severe side effects associated with immunomodulatory therapy. These insights, in turn, will facilitate the development of optimized models for assessing the safety of immune-related treatments. To ensure that our efforts have a widespread influence, we are committed to establishing broadly applicable standards for these models, as well as for the preanalytical handling of samples and the usability of available resources.

imSAVAR aims to achieve the following impact-outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the inherent safety risks associated with immunomodulatory therapeutics
  • Characterization of innovative immunobiology models and biomarkers
  • Provision of new tools and models to enable improved safety assessment of immunomodulatory therapeutics
  • Paving the way for enhanced development processes for immunomodulatory therapeutics
  • Optimizing the representation of complex immunological disease characteristics in non-clinical test systems, thereby improving the translatability between these test systems and actual patients
  • Contributing to the principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) in animal research, thereby promoting more ethical and responsible scientific practices.

By achieving these impact-outcomes, imSAVAR seeks to advance the field of immune safety assessment, foster innovation, and ultimately contribute to the development of safer and more effective immunomodulatory treatments.