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ABTX Translational Ecosystem

Coming together to enhance life science and healthcare research and innovation

BioPharmaX is a membership community of experts from different fields across the R&D health sector with shared common interests. Through the BioPharmaX framework, members are able to work together solving problems as well as expanding their impact through multi-stakeholder collaborative programmes.

The Advanced Therapies BioPharmaX (ATBX) transaltional ecosystem brings together experts from academia, industry, patient representatives, and regulatory authorities with an interest in accelerating cell and gene therapy advances.

We work on a distributed ecosystem, meaning it is not limited to a single geographic location. It is a decentralized network connecting stakeholders across regions, disciplines, and sectors. This allows for a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to be brought to the table which translates into innovative and effective solutions.

BioSci Consulting acts as a conduit to create a thriving and sustainable community by developing a series of activities and promoting collaborations among ATBX members. Thus, ATBX members are able to:

  • Access to an inter-disciplinary network of experts from different fields that share a common interest in Advanced Therapies.
  • Learn firsthand about hot topics in the Advance Therapies field with our invited speaker sessions.
  • Be able to shape the direction of research through interaction with other members and with the support of BioSci, a neutral player that facilitates the translation of ideas into collaborative programs/actions.
  • Expand the impact of your results to a multi-stakeholder network by presenting in Spotlight Sessions, Technology Scans, Science Cafes, etc.
  • Participate in funded Collaborative Programs (e.g., exploratory projects, data sharing, pilots, public-private activities, etc.).
  • Access to the ATBX member-only platform and tools.

BioSci Consulting serves as the neutral backbone that builds awareness amongst ecosystem members and partners by actively bringing organizations together. Ideas arising from the resulting interactions are then transformed into plans for concrete collaborative programmes.

Do you share ATBX’s vision to accelerate access of advance therapies for patients?

Then join our community!

You can learn more about the different types of memberships here.
For queries, please contact BioSci Consulting.