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T-Curx GmbH, Germany

Partner Description

T-CURX is a SME and Biotech spin-out from the partner UKW with expertise in pre-clinical, clinical and commercial development of ATMPs. T-CURX focuses on optimized CAR design to augment safety and efficacy, novel gene-transfer techniques to enhance genomic safety, accelerate & standardize manufacturing, technologies to enhance physician control over engineered T cells, and has a pipeline of CAR-T products in haematology and oncology. T-CURX is dedicated to augmenting the scientific, medical, regulatory and bioentrepreneurial environment for CAR-T & TCR-T in the EU, and to serve as a role model of successful Biotech SME in the business field of cell therapy.

Role within Project

  • Support work in WP1 and WP2
  • Represent biotech SMEs in imSAVAR
  • Provide network to VC and the Biotech SME scene in the EU and US