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Sanofi-Aventis Recherche & Developpement, France

Partner Description

Sanofi is a global healthcare company with more than 110,000 employees in 100 nations. Diverse product lines are produced by Sanofi including human pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer products and other innovative healthcare products.

As a diverse healthcare company, Sanofi has significant in-house expertise in genomics, modeling and simulation, and mammalian and molecular toxicology. As a part of the organization’s commitment to delivering novel and effective medicines to patients in need, Sanofi has significant expertise in modeling and simulation (M&S) and employs M&S approaches wherever they are able to provide efficiencies in the R&D pipeline with a specific focus on evaluating human relevance of new therapeutics.

Role within Project

  • Comparative in-vitro immune cell assays and assay validation
  • MPS development
  • Definition of models of immuno-inflammatory safety assessment and MPS immune-inflammatory disease models