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Labcorp Early Develpment Laboratories Ltd., United Kingdom

Partner Description

The Labcorp Immunology and Immunotoxicology (I&I) team offer integrated programs, state-of-the-art technology and deep scientific and technical Immunology & Immunotoxicology expertise for the development of safe therapeutic molecules in respect to global regulatory requirements and regulations.

With six sites spread across three continents, the Labcorp I&I team has been constantly expanding over the years, strategically incorporating partners to strengthen its capacity to cover all aspects of drug development, from in-vitro testing to pre-clinical and clinical trial testing, using a broad range of biological samples, from human subjects to a variety of animal models.

Our research activities are tailored for therapeutic molecules and make use of a wide array of techniques and state-of-the-art technologies that include multi-colour flow cytometry, immunoassay biomarker techniques and cell based in-vitro assays.

Role within Project

  • Development of in vitro assay
  • Building physiologically relevant assays for measuring the potential of cytokine storm response
  • Development and validation Immune-competent organotypic and microphysioloical system (e.g. Organ on a chip)
    BOEC system – building an autologous system that mimics the interaction of PBMCs and the endothelium
  • Provide expertise and knowledge from previous pre-clinical studies
  • Support of immune-oncology models check point inhibitors
  • Drive for new regulatory direction
  • Provide regulatory experience and guidance for development and validation of novel biomarkers