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University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Partner Description

The University of Luxembourg (UNILU) is a multilingual, international and research-oriented university founded in 2003 and hosts the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), an interdisciplinary centre that accelerates biomedical research by closing the link between systems biology and medical research. It aims to understand the principal mechanisms of disease pathogenesis for developing new tools in diagnostics and therapy with a particular focus on neurodegenerative diseases, metabolomics and disease network analysis.

The Bioinformatics Core Facility at LCSB is responsible for the efficient data flow between the experimental groups and the theoretical and medical oriented groups. The group focuses on the development of (clinical) data management and storage systems and sets up cost- and time-efficient data analysis pipelines. To this end, the group also develops new algorithms in various fields like data mining and visualisation to help understand and interpret the data. LCSB hosts the ELIXIR Luxembourg Node (ELIXIR-LU) focusing on long-term sustainability of tools and data for translational medicine.

Role within Project

  • Co-lead the develop and deployment of data and knowledge platform
  • Data management plan
  • Data and knowledge platform
  • Link to sample management system
  • Data harmonisation
  • Contribute to the biomarker (molecular profiling) development of immune cells