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Tübingen University Hospital, Germany

Partner Description

The Department for Women’s Health is one of the leading Women’s Hospitals in Europe and the Research Institute for Women’s Health founded 2014 is unique in Germany. The Hospital (part of the Tübinger Cancer Comprehensive Center CCC) opened the first certificated Breast Centre for breast cancer patients in Germany and enjoys a first-class reputation in the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment, as well as for oncosurgery, which also includes surgery for ovarian carcinoma, and uterine and cervical carcinoma. The chemotherapy unit takes care of breast cancer and all gynecological cancers with conservative and multimodal treatment including advanced and metastatic carcinomas.

The research institute focuses on all areas of women’s health: translational oncology, perinatal and fetal medicine, experimental gyneco-oncology and senology, medical technology and innovative surgery procedures, uro-gynecology, endocrinology, reproduction, genital malformation and regenerative medicine.
All multidisciplinary research activities complement each other in order to promote women’s health and, at the same time, the institute functions as a linchpin for translation and implementation research. The research institute has a key role at the side of the university women’s hospital. The process of directly implementing research and application in patients care is becoming increasingly important. The in-house, ISO-certified, study center conducts numerous AMG studies, including phase I and II.

Role within Project

  • Biobanking
  • Supply of human cell and tissue samples
  • Clinical data management