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Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

Partner Description

MUI has 1,800 employees and about 3,000 students. The MUI offers the following courses of studies: Medicine and Dentistry as a basis for academic medical training and PhD courses for graduates who wish to consolidate their scientific skills. A bachelor and master courses in Molecular Medicine were added to the programme in 2011. Furthermore, graduates of Medicine or Dentistry can continue their studies with a Clinical PhD. MUI Research focuses on oncology, neurosciences, genetics, epigenetics and genomics, infectiology, immunology & organ and tissue transplant.
The Institute of Bioinformatics at MUI (https://icbi.at) is headed by Prof. Zlatko Trajanoski who is an experienced investigator of cancer immunity. His lab developed a number of computational methods and software tools for interrogating cancer immunity. The computational analyses carried out by the Trajanoski lab were instrumental for elucidating the of the role of adaptive immunity in CRC and for the development of the immunoscore. Recently, his work focused on cancer immunoediting] and spatio-temporal analyses of the tumor microenvironment. His research is supported by the European Research Council (ERC).

Role within Project

  • Providing novel insights into immune-biology mechanisms using computational immunology tools
  • Invoke analytical pipelines that are available like quanTIseq and TIminer for deconvolution of immune-cell composition from bulk data and functional annotation of correlated marker sets
  • Imaging data will be integrated, if available, in order to complement characterization of functional endpoints with immunohistochemistry data