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Lund University, Sweden

Partner Description

The activities of the Dept. of Immunotechnology is spanning from advanced technology developments to biomedicine research. The main research areas are oncology, hypersensitivity, biomarker discovery and antibody engineering. Our research employs advanced technologies including genomics and transcriptomics, large-scale mass spectrometry-based proteomics, digital spatial profiling, phage display, and associated bioinformatics. In addition, we provide genomics, proteomics and antibody development services. The department has a strong history of entrepreneurship and several companies have derived from the department.

The research focus of The Dendritic cell Immunobiology group (PI: Prof. Malin Lindstedt) are immune oncology, within the area of head and neck cancer and in vitro assays for prediction of sensitizing substances. We are interested in the cellular and mechanistic processes that influence DC activation and the factors by which DCs skew the immune response toward different effector T cell responses, such as anti-tumour immunity or adverse immune responses in allergic contact dermatitis. Entrepreneurial activities within the research group has resulted in the spin-out company SenzaGen that owns the in vitro GARD® (Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection) platform for the safety assessment of putative sensitizers. Our expertise includes multiparameter flow cytometry analysis, single-cell sorting, transcriptomics, human DC and T cell assays in vitro, biomarker identification and bioinformatics.

Role within Project

  • Provide expertise and support mainly WP3 and WP4