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Jena University Hospital, Germany

Partner Description

The Jena university hospital (JUH) includes 26 clinical centers and 25 institutes and provides care for 53,000 in- and 275,000 outpatients per year, as well as teaching for 2,500 students of medicine, molecular medicine and medical photonics. The “Center for Sepsis Control & Care” of the Jena University addresses infection and sepsis research covering all aspects of the disease and its sequelae. It belongs to the world leading institutions in sepsis research and is embedded in a variety of national and international research networks focusing on infections and intensive care medicine. The CSCC offers a unique interdisciplinary research environment at the interface of physics, biomaterials, immunology, medicine and microbiology in basic and translational research aiming on the development of novel treatment options for critically ill patients. The research group INSPIRE is integrated in the CSCC providing expertise in the development of organ-on-chip systems, tissue engineering and immunocompetent tissue models of human lung, liver and gut. Dr. Alexander Mosig, PhD is heading the research group and focuses its research on organoid tissue engineering and organ-on-chip bioengineering. He is interested in the use organ-on-chip for dissection of host-pathogen interaction and regulation of the host immune response to infections.
The microfluidic platforms developed at the Jena University Hospital offers various panels of multiplexed functional relevant readouts with clinically relevant endpoints of adverse immune reactions.

Role within Project

  • Development of human immuno-oncology models (gut, liver, lung) and innovative models for safety assessment of immuno-inflammatory disease therapeutics
  • Testing of MoA for CAR-T cells, multifunctional antibodies and chemokines
  • Development of lymph node-on-chip model