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Stakeholder Community

Building a community to drive the standardisation and harmonisation of immune safety assessment requires multistakeholder engagement and involvement—a vital precursor for fostering collaboration and accelerating innovation. The imSAVAR multistakeholder community will act as a conduit to create a thriving and sustainable immune safety innovation ecosystem.

  • Share perspectives on enhancing nonclinical safety assessment of immunomodulatory therapies as well as development of cutting-edge strategies.
  • Participate in the imSAVAR stakeholder community to improve drug development processes and regulatory assessments for immunomodulatory therapeutics.

Join the imSAVAR stakeholder community to support the development of safer efficacious medicines for patients. 
To become a member of the imSAVAR stakeholder community, please review the membership terms of reference and follow the steps outlined.

For queries, please contact us.

imSAVAR Stakeholder Workshop 

A workshop on “Integrating Patient Preferences in Nonclinical Assessment of Immunomodulatory Therapies – Shifting the Paradigm” took place on 26 and 27 January 2022. To read the full report and get access to the workshop recording, please click here. 

imSAVAR Stakeholder Survey

  • Views on Adverse Outcome Pathways & Model Grading Systems
    Two key concepts that may bring a degree of alignment to nonclinical assessments are: immune-related Adverse Outcome Pathways (irAOPs) and a nonclinical model grading system.  Understanding stakeholder awareness and familiarity of these two concepts will help better inform their development. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.
    Please click here to participate in our AOP and Model Grading Survey. For more information, please click here.